Picturing Rupert

It seems that anything written about the ongoing News International/Media/Political phone hacking scandal/investigation will immediately become out of date. John Pienaar made the point that aside from phone hacking, the fast-moving developments revolve the unravelling of relationships between News International and a variety of other actors, be they police or political. One of the relationships most closely scrutinised is that between the Prime Minister, and News International in general, and Rebekah Brooks in particular.

Such stories make a poster designed last year by the conceptual artist Jeremy Deller, quite forward-looking.

Jeremy Deller poster 2010






Deller produced the image as part of the Make a Mark project, where a group of Curators and artists produced posters in response to the 2010 general election. Superficially, Labour could if they wished simply issue similar literature as they seek political capital from the rapidly unfolding events. However, the party is hampered by their own attempts to ingratiate themselves with the Murdoch Press. It is perhaps for this reason that Miliband and Labour has focussed its attack on the Prime Minister’s judgement in appointing Andy Coulson, rather than the Conservative party’s alleged relationship with News International. It seems that Labour might let those now outside the party leadership – like John Prescott – spread the word about alleged Conservatives links with Murdoch. Furthermore, Labour may rely on activists outside the party to spread the idea, something that seems to be already to be happening, and therefore avoiding charges of double standards.


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