Election! Britain Votes

I’ve been working on the exhibition Election! Britain Votes, over the past six months or so. It has received lots of coverage, all of which has so far been positive. Stephanie Boland’s review in the New Statesman was particularly complimentary, but more pertinently Stephanie ‘got’ what I want the exhibitions I work on to achieve.

I don’t particularly think that good exhibitions should be campaigning. But museums should be spaces to think, places to ponder, which demand no definitive answers. We live in a world which has the propensity to ignore the complex and instead demand binary conclusions – good, bad: right, wrong. Instead, museums should explore ideas without demanding any real conclusions from the visitor. I always wanted Election! to be pro-voting and pro-democracy but hopefully it demystifies, doesn’t hector, and promotes thought.

You can read the whole article here.